Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru

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Amabere caves are located 7km away from Fort Portal Toro Kingdom Western Uganda.

When you get to Amabere Caves you will get a local guide who will take you down to the jungle of Amabere and he or she will tell the whole history about these caves.

You will need a propel walking boots because this sometimes it can be quite slippery and wet. Get lost in the amazing wonders of the amabere caves with its touching legend stories of “the breasts of Nyina Mwiru”.

It stands between a couple of streams, waterfalls, volcanoes and is close to the Rwenzori Mountains which give it the best scenery. The town also receives a cool breeze all day due to the surrounding swamps, lakes and streams.

Historically, this where the leader of the Chwezi dynasty stayed and it explains how the ‘Mabere’ were formed. Here you learn about King Bukkukku, his daughter Nyina Mwiru and Nyina Mwiru’s son Ndahura.

The Amabere Caves, also known as the Nyakasura Caves given their location at Nyakasura Falls, are located some five miles from Fort Portal on the Bundibugyo Road.

Not really caves, more a large overhang, the name Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru translates as “Breasts of Nyina mwiru” with Nyina mwiru being the daughter of a local usurper king who reportedly had her breasts cut off to make her less attractive to men.

This rather drastic plan failed and the king, Bukuku of Toro then hid her in the cave. However with her allure still strong she became pregnant to the Batembuzi King Isaza and later gave birth to their son, Ndahura.

Unable to breastfeed the infant herself she used what looked like milk dripping from the stalactites, this appeared milky because of its calcium content.

Ndahura went onto fulfil a prophecy that he would become king and take over Bukuku’s throne, a throne that was rightfully Isaza’s. Ndahura went on to form one of the great empires of the Great Lakes area of Africa. Or so legend has it!

Whilst there you can stand behind the waterfall which is a great experience and even swim in the small pool itself though its icy cold and you may end up surrounded by colobus monkeys!

Given recent publicity the entrance fees to the “cave” have recently risen sharply and non-locals also pay a premium.

It’s still cheap though and the fee includes the services of a guide who will escort you through the often wet and slippery path that winds its way to the waterfall and cave.

All of thirty minutes’ walk, but the guide will enthuse you with ancient folklore to make the cost worthwhile! There is also a nearby campsite.

For good photography, you’re encouraged to turn on your flash light so as to be able to get clear, picture of the caves, the local guide will help you and guide of the good sites for clear photography as the places seems darker as you move in.

The steaming sound of waterfalls welcomes you at the entrance. The huge falls dictate the moisture content of the atmosphere surrounding the caves.

At the entrance to the caves, the snake size slippery path guides you through as you penetrate into a cool green world of moss and fern covered by trees and rocks.

Beside the caves, you can take a walk to view the outstanding crater lakes with a beautiful stoning looks worth visiting. The lakes include Bikere, Saaka, and Kigere which forms a wonderful standing view that will give you a memorable experience of the visit.