Crater Lakes in Kabarole

by admin

Lake Kyaninga, one of the many crater lakes in Kabarole District. It and many others attract tourists all year round, who come to bask in the beauty they present.

Englishman Steve Williams stood on the rim of the ancient Crater Lake, Lake Kyaninga and envisioned building a luxury lodge, completely out of timber on that exact spot. 6 years and 1,000 handcrafted logs later the build was complete.

In keeping with the natural beauty that surrounds it, Kyaninga Lodge is set against a stunning back drop with the legendary Mountains of the Moon in the background.

Centred on a magnificent main lodge, 8 cottages branch out via raised wooden walkways, each one a good distance away from the next insuring complete exclusivity.

Each cottage is equipped with twin beds or a double with luxurious spread, an indoor seating area and a private deck.

All of the rooms are en-suite with claw-footed free standing baths and glass walled showers. The view of the Lake from the cottages is outstanding, a perfect place to relax in privacy.

The sheer scale of the lodge itself is outstanding and immediately apparent. There are comfortable seating areas as well as raised galleries for a more private view and two lawned terraces, which are not only perfect for some outdoor games, but also to absorb the absolute magnitude of the Lake itself.

Follow some steps crafted from local volcanic rock, down to the pool for a swim with a view.